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4&1 w/ DJ Hapa: Mixars Duo & Turntable Reviews

BPM Supreme TV, Gear Reviews, News, Technology, Videos | Dec 27, 2016

4&1 w/ DJ Hapa: Mixars Duo & Turntable Reviews

DJ Hapa from Scratch DJ Academy gives his expert opinion on the Mixars Duo battle DJ mixer, as well as the Mixars LTA and STA Turntables. Stream it here!


Mixars is part of the RCF Group, a leading Italian manufacturer of commercial audio products and systems. They specialize in premium DJ equipment and audio recording technology, including “battle” mixers and turntables for scratch DJ’s. In the latest episodes of 4&1 DJ Hapa discusses the positive and negative attributes of the Mixars Duo (mixer) and LTA/STA Turntables for scratch performances and music lovers.

  • Episode 6: 4&1 Mixars Duo Mixer Review

DJ Hapa likes the fact that the Mixars Duo is priced under $1,000, which he says is a great deal for a DJ mixer with so many features. He describes the input and output selection on the device as robust. This includes dual USB drives so you can still charge a smartphone and DJ even if you have the new MacBook Pro. The layout of the mixer is simple and efficient to use. The only thing he doesn’t like is that there are only four drum pads (instead of eight like comparable mixers) so he has to switch banks.

  • Episode 7: 4&1 Mixars STA & LTA Turntable Review

The Mixars STA and LTA turntables are basically the same device, except one has an s-shaped tone arm, and one has an straight tone arm. DJ Hapa says it’s really up to what the turntablist prefers, although he thinks the LTA is slightly better. He points out that they both come in a super cool matte black finish that is perfect for DJ’s. The output in the back of the Mixars turntable goes phono or line, meaning you can connect one to a speaker and use it as a regular stereo turntable. It also has two RCA inputs that could be connected to a secondary mixer. However the powers cord is somewhat awkwardly placed.

The Mixars Duo DJ mixer and STA/LTA Turntables will be available for sale at the new web store of Scratch DJ Academy Meanwhile that should redirect you to their homepage where you can learn to DJ or just book one.

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