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5 Distressing Things DJs Go Through

DJ Experience, News | Mar 18, 2016   

5 Distressing Things DJs Go Through

We’ve all been through at least one of the 5 below.

1. Spilling a drink on your gear.


This one’s a given. Spilling a drink on your piece of gear (or worse, someone else spilling their drink) is one of the scariest things that can happen to a DJ. Just the image of a jack and coke spilling on a $1500 mixer makes us cringe. But this does happen… and more often than you think.


2. The speakers blowing out in the middle of your set.


This one’s pretty bad. If there is one thing that will kill the vibe, is the sudden drop of music. Your crowd will dip faster than you can blink. It’s even harder to take when there are no replacement speakers around.

3. Someone stealing your gear after/before your set


This isn’t as scary as much as it will piss you off. If you ever had any gear stolen from you, then you know how powerless it feels. The only thing you can do is file a report, (if you’re in a club) ask the manager to check their security cameras. Hopefully you can catch the dirty thief before it gets sold on Craigslist.

4. Playing to an empty floor.

empty floor

We’ve all been through this. It’s just a reality as a beginner DJ. You need to earn respect before you can fill the floor. Keep playing, keep creating your unique style, and keep the enthusiasm you have for music. The crowds will come sooner than later. Hang in there!

5. Playing to a floor full of people submitting requests.


It’s pretty bad when there’s just one person asking for requests, but when you have a line of drunk and brazen club goers shouting “PLAY BRITNEY!” or “BUMP MORE HIP-HOP!” then what do you do? It’s you vs the crowd at that point. You have a few options:

1. Cave in and start playing their requests.

2. Ignore and carry on with your set

3. Shut down your set early and bounce.

None are ideal…


Bonus: If you’re DJing an important event – Playing an inappropriate song at the wrong time. e.g. A Wedding.

This one’s oddly specific, however we’ve seen this happen more than once. Just watch the video below…



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