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5 Essentials to Upgrade your Mobile DJ Business

DJ Experience, News | Feb 08, 2017   

5 Essentials to Upgrade your Mobile DJ Business

The right tools in your mobile DJing arsenal can make all the difference in getting more bookings and keeping your clients happy. A solid DJ controller, quality speakers, and good quality music is one thing; however a much bigger consideration should be weighed on the assets and technologies to assist in running the business side of mobile DJing.

Read our suggestions below and feel free to add more essentials you’re using in the comment section.

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1. Business Cards

We’re going to start off with the basics. There are probably many of you reading this thinking this is obvious, but there are many who overlook the importance of a business card. Having a business card on you at all times can make all the difference in obtaining a client and a good payout. Always be ready to sell your business, you never know who might need a mobile DJ solution. A simple conversation in an elevator with someone you just met can lead to a booking.

2. Website

Again, this is a must-have in order to improve your business and increase clientele. A proper website must have the following sections:

  • About / Bio – A page which explains your business and a little bit about yourself to help prospects understand who they are going to hire.
  • Press Kit – Include high quality images of yourself playing past gigs, weddings, events, etc. Try to also include some testimonials from past clients
  • Contact page – A contact page is a requirement for any website. The contact page is where your prospective clients will be entering in their contact information, like their name, email, and phone number. Make sure to follow up with any contacts you receive

3. Social Media

If you’re reading this, it’s more than likely you are on at least one social network. A lot of your friends, family, coworkers, and acquantinces are most likely active on social media as well. That’s why it’s really important to start promoting your mobile DJ business on across your network. There really isn’t a need to try to be active on all social media platforms, just the one that will work best for you. Try out multiple networks and start focusing in on the ones that are actually helping you get more business.

4. DJ Lighting Solutions

As a mobile DJ, something to help lift yourself above the competition is adding visual elements in your set. Lighting up your set makes the whole experience more engaging for your audience. SoundSwitch, a new contender to the DJ lighting arena offers an ingenious way to make your sets more animated. Check out how it works below.

5. Online Booking Applications

We’re living in the digital age where convenience is key. AGNT is a rapidly rising up-and-comer with a new take on managing your DJing business. The great interface and mobile experience makes this app a must-have in your arsenal.

What are you using to help grow your mobile DJ business? Comment below!

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