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7 Ways To Customize Your DJ Gear

DJ Experience, News, Technology | Mar 15, 2019   

7 Ways To Customize Your DJ Gear

Whether you want to stand out from the crowd, promote your DJ logo and branding, or just want to make your gear look dope, we’ve narrowed down some of the best companies to help you get a custom look.

Check out seven ways to pimp your DJ gear below.

Turntables, CDJs, Mixers, Controllers, and more

12inchSkinz is the industry standard for customizing DJ hardware and accessories. In the business since 2010, 12inchSkinz works with brands like Apple, Pioneer DJ, Rane, Denon DJ, Numark, and more. Prices vary depending on the gear and customization level you choose. Learn more on the 12inchSkinz website.

Photo courtesy of 12inchskinz


Customizing your laptop is an easy way to get started. It can also help you to promote your logo and branding since it’s highly visible during live sets and in event photography!

The first way we recommend doing this is by using a company called Custom Litt. Laptop displays by Custom Litt are slide-on displays that flash your logo to the crowd while you perform. Each display is built to fit a laptop’s specifications and can include sound responsive LED technology. The example below is owned by DJ Inspire, an in-house DJ and part of BPM Supreme’s Artist Relations team. Prices vary so check out Custom Litt’s website to get a quote for your laptop. 


Another option is Uncover, the company that has customized MacBooks for DJs like Laidback Luke, ESKEI83, and Juan Cuba. Displays by Uncover are unique because they actually carve out the MacBook’s original logo and replace it with your own, backlit design. The results are amazing but come at a higher price point, starting around $600 USD. Learn more on the Uncover website.

If you’re looking for a more affordable way to pimp your laptop, 12inchSkinz has you covered here too. They offer Apple MacBook skins starting at just $29 USD. Learn more here.

Photo courtesy of 12inchSkinz


Another highly visible piece of DJ gear is headphones. Adding your logo or branding to your cans not only adds style and confidence, but it’s also good for your DJ business.

Based in the UK, Custom Cans have been creating one-off and limited run headphone designs for years. They specialize in brands like Sennheiser, Pioneer, and Technics, and even offer a 2-year warranty on headphones and cables. Shop the Custom Cans website for a variety of colors and designs, or reach out to the company to make your own!

Photo courtesy of Custom Cans


The V- Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless headphones were one of our top picks not too long ago, and by customizing them you can make them even more awesome. A custom shield can be added to the Crossfade 2 Wireless, as well as to the Crossfade LP2, XS, M-100, Wireless, and Wireless 2 Codex. Options for customizing include 3D Print or laser engraving of your logo, as well as choice of shield material and color. Learn more on V-Moda’s website.

Photo courtesy of V-Moda

Backpacks and DJ Bags

We recently recommended five great backpacks for DJs who travel a lot for work – and JetPack made the top of the list. These super popular DJ bags by Orbit Concepts are not only durable and packed with great features, but they are also customizable. Choose the bag that best fits your style and put your logo on display everywhere you go for an extra $85 per logo. Learn more about options on the Orbit Concepts website.

Photo courtesy of JetPack


These are just a few ways to customize your DJ gear and promote your DJ brand. Let us know if there is a company that you’ve used to create a custom look. We want to hear your suggestions!

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