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72-Year-Old Man Brings Inspiration to the Studio With His Beat-Making Skills

DJ Experience, News | Mar 07, 2019   

72-Year-Old Man Brings Inspiration to the Studio With His Beat-Making Skills

Photos courtesy of Andre “Add-2” Daniels

At BPM Supreme, we talk a lot about production tools and tips. If you’re new to the producer world, all of the gear, techniques, and jargon can be overwhelming. It takes time and dedication to master the skills needed to become a successful producer. But anything worth having is worth fighting for, right? Keep reading to see why that piece of advice was especially true for this man from Chicago.

After walking into Haven Studios in Chicago’s south end, 72-year-old Arthur DuBois’ hip hop and trap beats are going viral. The studio owned by Chicago rapper, Andre “Add-2” Daniels, is a youth mentoring music studio. Originally reported by BuzzFeed News, Daniels was hesitant to give the man’s music a listen at first, but after hearing one beat, he was left in disbelief.

“My man came in here today looking for a studio, and I told him this is a studio for the youth. But he told me he’s young at heart,” Daniels said. “He came in playing his music, and I just had to play it for somebody because this is insane.”

DuBois discovered his new passion for making beats after his doctor advised that he stay in the house, presumably to take it easy. Over the past six years, he started reading about hip hop beat-making and began learning to produce music using DAWs like Pro Tools and Mixcraft.

“I was tampering with it but I wasn’t doing too well and stuck at it,” Dubois told BuzzFeed News.

The self-taught producer played 14 different beats for Daniels in the studio and truly impressed everyone in the room. Daniels is now helping DuBois arrange, mix, and even promote his beats with a new Twitter account

Check out the original Instagram post below:

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BRUH! I met a 72 year old man who produces TRAP MUSIC!! When he first came in I thought it was by mistake but he told me he seen me on tv years ago. He played me 14 beats he made and I had the 😳😳😳😳 face cause it was DOPE. I THOUGHT I WAS BEING PRANKED JUST OFF HOW WELL IT WAS MADE. He said he learned how to produce after he was told by the doctor to stay in the house and this gave him motivation. He told me I was the first person who told him his beats were good and it made his day just say this experience made my day. He said he loved this music even though the rest of friends and family didnt appreciate it. FAM THIS WAS BEAUTIFUL. Never judge a book by its cover. Shout out Arthur DuBois!! God is amazing! #HavenStudio

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So, if you ever feel like it’s “too late” or you’re “too old” to learn a new skill, just think about this awesome story and never stop perfecting your craft.

We hope to hear more from DuBois in the future. To read the full story, visit BuzzFeed News.

Are you a new producer or have you ever felt frustrated in the studio? Let us know if this story inspires you!


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