Mobile DJ Tips with Joe Bunn | Best Microphones

One of the most important tools that a mobile DJ can have is a good microphone. No matter the occasion or event, you want to be sure to look for both quality and durability in a mic for your gigs. In the latest episode of “Mobile DJ Tips” with mobile DJ expert, Joe Bunn, we […]

Mobile DJ Tips with Joe Bunn | The Importance of Shadowing

According to mobile DJ business expert, Joe Bunn, shadowing a pro DJ is a vital part of the onboarding process when hiring new DJs for your company. Even more than sales training and learning to set up gear, a successful mentorship can mean the difference between finding a mediocre DJ or a great one. On […]

Mobile DJ Tips with Joe Bunn | Scouting Locations

As a mobile DJ traveling from gig to gig, you may often find yourself in an unfamiliar venue or event space. A valuable tip to avoid potential headaches on the day of an event is to visit the location ahead of time and get to know the layout of the space. In the latest episode […]

Mobile DJ Tips with Joe Bunn | Handling Requests

For mobile DJs, getting song requests from guests is just part of the job. As annoying as it may be, requests are inevitable, and DJs should embrace it. However, accepting this fact is one thing, but knowing how to handle requests is another. On this episode of “Mobile DJ Tips,” Joe Bunn gives advice on […]

Mobile DJ Tips with Joe Bunn | Transporting Gear

It’s safe to say that transporting DJ gear is the least favorite part of any DJ gig. Even with an assistant, most mobile DJs can’t escape the difficulties and concerns of lugging equipment back and forth to events. It just comes with the territory. DJs can make things easier for themselves by investing in some […]

Mobile DJ Tips with Joe Bunn | Favorite Gear

Mobile DJ Tips presented by ProSight Direct is an exclusive video series in collaboration with one of the best mobile DJs in the industry, Joe Bunn. As the founder and owner of Bunn DJ Company, Joe books over 800 weddings a year, plus another 400 private, corporate, and charity events! In our latest episode, Joe gives us a full […]

Mobile DJ Tips with Joe Bunn | DJing Outside

Mobile DJ Tips is back just in time for spring weddings and outdoor summer events to begin. In our newest episode presented by ProSight Direct, industry expert, Joe Bunn shares his advice on how to best prepare for mobile DJ gigs outside in the warmer months. If you’ve ever had the chance to play an […]

8 Ways to Become a Better DJ During Quarantine

DJs everywhere are suddenly finding themselves with lots of extra time. And while it may not be easy or feel natural to be stuck inside of your house, by keeping busy and staying focused on your passion for music, you can absolutely come out of this situation stronger. If you’ve been following our Instagram, you […]

From The DJ’s Vault: Joe Bunn’s Top 5 MC Tips

Earlier this year, our good friend Joe Bunn launched The DJ’s Vault. This subscription-based website is like a members only club where you’ll find videos, articles, essential documents, and other tools that mobile DJs can use to grow and manage a successful business. Today we’re giving you a sneak-peek inside “the vault” with a video taken […]

Joe Bunn’s Top 3 Roland Video Switchers for Mobile DJs

In the world of mobile DJing, one thing that remains certain is how plentiful the competition is. For this reason, DJs need to find ways to stand out and offer services that are valuable to their customers. A couple of interesting ways to do this include adding engaging video that switches between multiple live camera […]