QUICK LOOK: Rane DJ TWELVE Control Turntable

Back for another QUICK LOOK is Rane DJ representative and expert, DJ Shortee. Today she is showing us around the Rane DJ TWELVE turntable controller, courtesy of I DJ NOW. The Rane TWELVE is truly a game-changing piece of DJ gear. This motorized DJ control system has all the characteristics of a traditional direct-drive turntable, […]


DJ Shortee recently helped us unbox the Rane SEVENTY-TWO, courtesy of our friends at I DJ NOW. Today she’s back to give us a QUICK LOOK at some of her favorite features on this innovative mixer. The Rane SEVENTY-TWO has a ton of great characteristics like Akai Pro MPC performance pads and MAG THREE tension-adjustable faders. […]

QUICK LOOK: Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 Controller

Thanks to IDJNOW.com, we recently unboxed the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 for Serato DJ Pro. Now it’s time to take a “quick look” at some of the best features of this super portable, Serato DJ-ready controller. The DDJ-SR2 is an upgraded 2-channel controller with tons of new Serato DJ-dedicated features. It has a spacious layout with multicolored […]

QUICK LOOK: Roland TR-8S Rhythm Performer

BPM Supreme and IDJNOW.com are back with another “quick look” at some of the most sought after DJ and producer gear on the market. This time we’re checking out the recently unboxed TR-8S Rhythm Performer, Roland’s newest flagship drum machine. Combining Roland’s iconic drum machines with professional sound design, the TR-8S lets you create beats using […]

QUICK LOOK: Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 Standalone Performance Sampler

We’ve teamed with IDJNOW.com to take a quick look at some of the latest and most sought-after DJ gear on the market. Following our recent unboxing of the coveted Pioneer DJ DJS-1000, we’re now taking this standalone performance sampler and sequencer for a test drive. The DJS-1000 combines elements of a sampler and a drum machine to […]

Quick Guide to BPM Supreme Edits

One of the best benefits of a BPM Supreme membership is the access you have to thousands of audio and video downloads. Our music library is continuously updated and all audio is DJ-ready at 320 kbps. You’ll also find every version of a track that you need, including clean, dirty, acapellas, radio edits, intros, remixes, […]

Unboxing the Rane DJ TWELVE Turntable Controller

DJ Shortee is back to help us unbox another great piece of DJ gear, courtesy of our friends at I DJ NOW. We recently unboxed the Rane SEVENTY-TWO mixer, so next, it’s only fitting that we unbox the TWELVE turntable controller. Don’t forget, BPM Supreme and I DJ NOW are giving away a Rane DJ prize […]

Unboxing the Rane DJ SEVENTY-TWO Mixer

In collaboration with our friends at I DJ NOW, we’re unboxing (and giving away) some of the most in-demand DJ gear on the market. In this video, special guest, DJ Shortee, joins us to help unbox the innovative two-channel Rane SEVENTY-TWO mixer. With dual USB connections and dual microphone inputs, the SEVENTY-TWO was built for DJ […]

DJ Gift Guide: Roland GO:MIXER & GO:MIXER PRO

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the DJ in your life, or if you’re a DJ and want to add some cool things to your wish list, our new DJ Gift Guide series has you covered. In this video, BPM Supreme’s Raj Thomas shows us around Roland’s GO:MIXER & GO:MIXER PRO. Used with […]

Unboxing the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 Controller

Presented by IDJNOW.com, we’re unboxing some of the hottest DJ equipment on the market. In this video, we take a look at the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2, an upgraded controller with Serato DJ Pro dedicated features. This 2-channel controller let’s you get hands on with the latest features in Serato DJ, including the Pitch ‘n Time DJ […]