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News, Technology, Videos | Jul 10, 2018   

Software Spotlight: ADSR Introduces a Smart (and Free) Sample Manager

Updated July 12, 2018

ADSR, a leading online store for music production sounds and samples, has introduced a new sample management tool. Aptly named Sample Manager, this plugin makes your entire sample library searchable and playable directly in your DAW. Best of all – it’s free. Keep reading for more.

Sample Manager was designed to improve technical and creative workflow by simplifying how you search for samples and preview them. Whether you have samples downloaded from or from services like Splice, Noiiz, or Loopcloud, you can now manage them all in one place.

BPM Supreme’s Production Team got a first-look at the new plugin and found it’s an intuitive tool that can save producers time and energy.

“Sample Manager is perfect for me as a search engine tool. I’ve been using it to find the samples I need quickly for all of my remixes,” said Jorge Quintero, Digital Audio Specialist. “It’s great for people who need help staying organized too.”

Once you launch Sample Manager inside your DAW, the plugin automatically tags all of your samples. Our team especially liked the ability to add your own custom tags. You can also preview any sample in your library in the framework of your track using MIDI or drag audio directly to your project.

“We all waste so much time looking through files and folders, auditioning the wrong sounds and just generally losing momentum,” said Steve Foulds, CEO of ADSR. “The ADSR Sample Manager gives you back some of that time along with inspiration and the added adventure of rediscovering your existing sample library.”

To download Sample Manager for free, visit ADSR’s website.

Will you give this plugin a try? What do you currently use to organize your samples and sounds? Leave a comment below. We want to hear from you!

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