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Gear Reviews, News, Technology, Videos | Jul 13, 2017   

ADSR Takes a First Look at Roland’s New DJ-808

In a first look at Roland’s new DJ-808 controller, Mike Acosta from ADSR Sound not only shows us what’s new on the controller, but takes a comprehensive look at what makes the DJ-808 unique from other Serato controllers on the market. According to ADSR, the DJ-808 has the most in-depth Serato DJ integration for super tight performances and can be a great tool for both live performances and at-home production.

The first feature Acosta focuses on is the TR-S built-in drum sequencer. The sequencer includes four iconic Roland drum machines built right in: TR-808, TR-909, TR-606 and TR- 707. Each of the four drums gives the user four drum sounds. Acosta records live on the video, allowing us to see the process of using the TR recording feature in real-time.

“Having (the drum sequencer) in a DJ style controller to where everything can work together makes it a very unique and very cool DJ live performance tool,” said Acosta.

The vocal processor on the DJ-808 further adds to the distinctive live performance experience. With VT-3 Technology, Acosta shows us how to create some cool effects in real-time using features such as vocal pitch correction, mic level, EQ/Low & Hi frequency built-in reverb, and pitch and formant control.

The 4-channel mixer also has the ability to operate in a complete stand-alone mode, meaning it doesn’t need to be connected to your laptop or Serato DJ. This allows the DJ-808 to be used for multiple purposes, including live DJing, at-home production or as your MIDI and audio interface for your DAW. 

Check out the full video to learn how the TR-S drum machine tightly integrates with the Serato SP-6 sampler or how easy it is to sync your music in Serato DJ to any connected MIDI devices such as drum machines, synthesizers and external sequencers. The Roland DJ-808 is now available at select retailers

As a special bonus to BPM Supreme readers, ADSR is giving away a customized set of 32 classic Roland TR series drum machine samples for use with the Roland DJ-808 and the Serato DJ Sampler – for free! Get the DJ-808 TR-S DRUM SAMPLE EXPANSION now.

dj808 expansion pack


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