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Albert Jukebox Selling Massive Vinyl Collection

DJ Experience, News | Sep 26, 2016   

Albert Jukebox Selling Massive Vinyl Collection

Albert Jukebox has been collecting records for 58 years and now his 13,000 strong collection is up for sale at an asking price of about $300,000.

Professional vinyl enthusiast Albert Jukebox has been collecting rare records for the last 60 years. The assemblage consists of some 13,000 top quality 45’s, LP’s, EP’s and P/S. The crown jewel of his collection is ten Elvis Presley 1956 Canadian Only Light Blue Label 45’s in mint condition. Jukebox is asking for $296,000 for the majority of the records on Ebay, and is selling the Presley 45’s separately for $125,000.


There are 7027 English and 1300 French 45s, over 3500 English and French LP and  90 EPs. Jukebox estimates the total value of the collection to be around $900,000 to $1,500,000. He informs us that they are numbered sequentially, and have been meticulously stored away from dust and heat.

Shipping and handling costs $999, because the record collection must be sealed in corrugated plastic, cardboard and other materials to protect it from damage in transit. If you wish to inspect the discs beforehand you have to pay for your own travel costs.


Jukebox’s blog says that he is retiring and wants to change his life in light of some recent health problems. According to the collector, “I’ve had a wonderful time with my collection, it’s been my passion, but there always comes a time when a person recognizes that it’s their time to retire. I am now 69 years old (young) and have recently had some health problems that have made me think about how I want to spend my remainder of my life.”

If you are interested in just a selection records, or you want to throw in a little extra and buy the jukebox, Albert can be contacted through his website.

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