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Gear Reviews, News, Technology, Videos | Nov 10, 2016   

Allen & Heath Introduce Digital Mixing Apps

Using an Allen & Heath S7000 digital mixing board just got easier with complimentary apps dLiveMixPad and dLiveOneMix. It’s perfect for live performances.


Allen + Heath dLive MixPad

Digital mixing boards are a top of the line solution for engineering live performances in music venues. The new Allen & Heath dLive is the successor of the iLive. It has to be special ordered from authorized parties, but costs around $30,000 to start when you include the dLive MixRack. (They call the MixRack the heart of the dLive system.)

With dLive MixPad it’s possible to control the dLive S7000 and MixRack remotely, simultaneously and independently. One engineer can work on the front-of-house audio via the mixing console, while another concentrates on the monitors with an iPad. You can connect and use multiple iPads at once.


Allen & Heath dLive OneMix

The other other app dLive OneMix gives musical performers individual control over the sound system. Each member of the band gets an iPad that has been assigned to them by an administrator. Through the magic of Wi-Fi each musician can adjust their own settings without affecting the front-of-house or monitors.

To read more about the dLive by Allen & Heath visit the official website.

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