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Amazon Invents Headphones that Detect Outside Sounds

Gear Reviews, News, Technology | Aug 01, 2016   

Amazon Invents Headphones that Detect Outside Sounds

Amazon has been awarded a patent for noise-canceling headphones that automatically detect when your name is being called while you are wearing them.

Tired of screaming at your fellow DJ’s to get their attention when they are engrossed in their noise canceling headphones? Amazon recently filed a patent for noise canceling headphones that automatically respond to outside stimuli by lowering the volume. The technology detects certain sound wave patterns and frequencies, such as keywords or even your name. We have the official patent image below.

amazon patent application diagram noise canceling headphones

Inventors of the ‘Suspending noise cancellation” headphones are listed as Benjamin David Scott and Mark Edward Rafn, of Cambridge, England. Both men work as design engineers for Amazon Technologies, Inc. They come up with Amazon’s various products for a living.

If you are one of those people that always wears their headphones, then this could prevent you from getting hit by an oncoming bus, or some such horrible thing. (Knock on wood.) Our advice is to pay attention to your surroundings in heavy traffic, but definitely consider these headphones for when you produce audio and video.

For more detailed technical specifications read the official US Patent here.


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