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Amoeba Music Has Turned Into a Dispensary

DJ Experience, News | Sep 27, 2016   

Amoeba Music Has Turned Into a Dispensary

Now that record stores are considered out-of-date perhaps they will all become marijuana dispensaries. This one certainly has.

A lot of music lovers smoke marijuana because it has a temporary effect of making it sound even better. Many famous musicians have gone on to release cannabis themed products, their own strains or even dispensaries. But this is the first time that a celebrated record shop has switched from entertainment to inebriation.

The East Bay Express reports that last week the Berkeley City Council granted a distribution license to the ailing Amoeba Music on Telegraph Avenue. The location will convert their now defunct jazz section into a new shop called BC3, or Berkeley Compassionate Care Collective. The rest of the store will still sell music.

According to a statement made by Debby Goldsbery, Executive Director at Magnolia Oakland (dispensary), “My mind is kind of blown right now!”

It won’t happen over night. The record store still has to get approval for construction from Berkeley’s Department of Planning and Development.


Amoeba Music is a chain of independent record stores based on the west coast. They were founded in 1990 by a former employee of Rasputin Music, a few years before digital music spiked in popularity. They have locations in Berkeley, San Francisco and LA. In addition to selling multimedia they regularly host musical performances by special guests.

Check out Amoeba Music Berkeley on location at 2465 Telegraph Avenue.


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