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Avicii Retires from Playing Shows

News | Mar 29, 2016   

Avicii Retires from Playing Shows

2016 will be the last time you will see Tim Bergling, better known as his moniker Avicii playing live sets. In a statement on the front page of his website, Avicii has officially signed off from ever playing live shows again.

The main reasons for his departure from playing live sets are he wants to explore different avenues of his life that he hasn’t had much time for. He says in his own words, “I have too little left for the life of a real person behind the artist.”

At the age of 26, Avicii is still very young. Although he’s had a ton of success, this isn’t a complete departure from music. Avicii still says in his farewell message that he will still speak to his fans through music. 

The EDM world will still have Avicii as an active artist and participant in the scene, even though he won’t be touring (for now). Who knows how long Avicii can stay away from the stage. What do you think?

Read Avicii’s full message via Facebook:


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