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News, Videos, Visual Jockeys | Jun 15, 2016   

Bassnectar’s New Music Video Features Striking Visuals

Watch the visuals in the official music video for Bassnectar’s next single “Reaching Out.”

Bassnectar a.k.a. Lorin Ashton is well known for his live performances that often include brilliant visual displays. In his latest music video, the artist incorporates imagery such as a dancer swimming through a cathedral. The video was directed by David Dutton, and features actress Barbara Woortman.

Aston wrote a lot of words that explain the concept behind the new video. According to the producer:

This song is about human connection, but also about our personal journeys and how they intersect in cathartic and beautiful ways in a kind of metamorphosis. The video opens with a person who is locked inside a cocoon (at times she is just existing, but other times she is struggling to break free). The cocoon might be a natural state of her existing just as a butterfly exists within a cocoon before it bursts free; or it might be more confining, like the walls of a prison in her mind. When we see into her mind, through her eyes, she exists almost underwater. She is swimming inside a magical cathedral with vaulted ceilings…always moving toward the light, yet the experience is disorienting and hypnotic like a dream. As the song progresses, the voice says “we’re reaching out to set you free” – as if she is being contacted from beyond her current state of awareness. The voice represents an angel, which could be a friend or just an entity of healing. When she bursts through the cocoon, she is set free to move freely and dance across the same terrain which she was once submerged in. The new control and mastery of her body follows her as she moves forward into life, leaving trails of her experiences behind her.

Clearly, the piece will hold different significance for everyone that watches it. However, the essence of the video captures the chill future glitch hop and bass feeling to the track.

Bassnectar’s next album Unlimited is set to drop everywhere on June 17, 2016. Look for it online via his imprint Amorphous Music.

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