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Best Shoes for the Booth [Top 5]

DJ Experience, News | Jan 29, 2016   

Best Shoes for the Booth [Top 5]

As a DJ, you probably already know how physically demanding it could be; spinning for several hours in the booth can do a major toll on your physical well-being. Standing for several hours at a time can cause major issues of not only foot problems, but back problems as well. If you don’t take good care of your feet, no amount of Dr. Scholl’s will heal your bunions and no amount of pedicure sessions can ease your foot pain.

However, the right shoe can make a major difference in avoiding those expensive appointments at your local chiropractor. We did some research online, talked to some of our DJ friends, and found some of the best shoes for the booth that takes comfort, style, and price into account. Understandably, your personal style will dictate what kind of shoe you will wear, but we feel these shoes are a good starting point to finding the perfect shoe for the DJ booth.

Nike Roshe Roshes Price: $100 – $120

Review: Very durable with solid colors; some say pictures don’t do this shoe justice. The colors on the Roshes are definitely better in person. They’re also very easy to clean and maintain.

Nike Flyknit Racers racers Price: $150

Review: Ah – another Nike shoe. But don’t worry. These shoes are staple in the scene right now. The comfort level, breathability, and overall look of this shoe makes it worth the money.

Vans Classics Vans-Authentic-Classic-All-Black-Mens-Shoes Price: $40 – $80

Review: Vans have been around for quite some time. Even though they revolve and mostly sponsor action sports, like skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding, several DJs choose these shoes because of their comfort and simple yet stylish look. *Pro-tip: Get some gel insoles for even greater comfort.

Adidas Ultra Boost Untitled1 Price: $180

Review: Very light in weight and super comfortable, the Ultra Boost from Adidas is a really great shoe, but comes at a somewhat hefty price.


New Balance 996 newbalance996 Price: $160 – $300

Review: Although these shoes aren’t the most stylish, you’ll know what walking on clouds feels like after rocking these for a short time.


New Balance M1500 x Technics SL1200 MkII by REVIVE [discontinued]


Price: ??

Review: Who knows if this shoe is still available. We couldn’t find it for sale online, but it could be on eBay or another online reseller. Maybe REVIVE Customs will revive these shoes or a new custom shoe based on the new Technics 1200Gs? Time will tell.

Nike KD 6 Serato Shoes by REVIVE


Price: $495

Review: The price is ridiculous – we know. Would you break the bank over these shoes? Not sure if these are an Official Serato Accessory, but these shoes are definitely one-of-a-kind.

Sandals from Target sandals Price: $15-$30

Review: You can be a contrarian badass and rock some sandals. If you’re confident enough to wear these during your set, you’re sure to get some notoriety while being comfortable af.

*Disclaimer: No offense to sandal wearers, but we’re not actually serious about these – wear at your own risk.

What shoes do you wear in the booth? Share in the comments!

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