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Gear Reviews, News, Technology, Videos | Feb 07, 2018   

BPM Supreme Unboxes the Numark NS6II DJ Controller

BPM Supreme’s in-house expert, Raj Thomas, recently got his hands on the Numark NS6II DJ controller for this unboxing video. He found that it is indeed an impressive upgrade to the original NS6. Features like dual USB outputs and built-in hi-res screens are a big advantage and make this mid-range controller a great option for DJs at any level. 

More things we love about this controller:

  • Two USB outputs
  • Two XLR outputs 
  • Built-in full-color 2-inch hi-res displays
  • 4 volume channels with sturdy knobs
  • Touch bar search
  • High-quality performance pads

You can read more about the Numark NS6II here. For now, check out the full unboxing video and follow our YouTube channel for more reviews like this one!

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