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BPM Supreme TV, News, Scratch Routines, Videos | Jun 14, 2016   

BPM Supreme Welcomes Kurteek to the Team

Say hello to our newest turntablist, Kurteek out of the San Francisco Bay area. Now watch his scratch routine on BPM Supreme TV.


Originally from the Philippines, Kurt Bartlome or Kurteek lives in Fremont, in the east county of the Bay Area close to Berkeley and Oakland. He started DJ-ing in 1997, but in 2001 he took a four year hiatus from producing to pursue other interests. (He is also a practicing photographer.)

In 2005 Kurteek returned to the wheels of steel where he focused on scratching records. Since then he has placed at various local scratch tournaments. He is a champion at Beat4Battle, C2C Bay Area, and Who’s The King in the Freestyle Category.

In addition to representing BPM Supreme, Kurteek is a member of the Asthma Funk crew in the Bay Area. They produce original tracks available to stream on his SoundCloud profile. Holla at him via Instagram below.

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