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BPM Supreme TV, News, Scratch Routines, Videos | May 10, 2016   

Fre4kstyle Scratch Routine w/ a Special Introduction

Our Spain squad is killing the game right now. We are really happy to feature this 4 in 1 scratch routine by no other than DJ Jose Rodriguez, DJ Kajhy, DJ Pimp, and a special introduction of DJ Datflex!

Who is DJ Datflex? He’s a battle-tested turntablist straight from Spain. He has a ton of competition experience and a respected DJ in his circles. 


Check out the list of Awards he’s won:

-IDA World 3rd Place 2015.
-IDA World Vice Champion 2014.
-DMC World Online 2014 Top 5.
-DMC Spain Team Champion 2014.
-DMC Spain Solo Vice Champion 2014.
-DMC Supremacy Vice Champion 2014.
-DMC World Online 2013 Top 9.
-DMC Spain Champion 2008.
-DMC Regional Madrid Champion 2007.


DJ Datflex’s style infuses rap, glitch hop, footwork, trap, turntablism, scratch, and electronic in smooth and harmonic routines. 

We’re really looking forward to seeing many more scratch videos from DJ Datflex!


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