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Build your own turntable thanks to new company Spinbox

BPM Supreme TV | May 12, 2017   

Build your own turntable thanks to new company Spinbox

A new way to experience the classic vinyl record is soon to be released thanks to Kickstarter company Spinbox.

The startup’s innovative idea is to create a record player that you can fully assemble on your own in 5 steps, using high-quality paper material (the same used to package Apple products), and the various cables and speakers necessary to create a standard vinyl player. The product gives users the option of plugging in their own speaker system or headphones. It also comes with a portable charger for the device for easy mobility.

The record player is suitable for all sizes of vinyl records, including 7 inch, 10 inch, and 12-inch singles and can easily switch from 33 to 45 to 78 RPM.

Although the price point is yet to be announced, Spinbox calls it, “a portable, affordable way to experience vinyl.”

Check out the company’s product trailer to get a feel for the easy, 18-minute assembly:

The self-assembled turntable is set to launch soon on Updates will be available through signing up on the Spinbox website here.


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