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Celebrate Hip-Hop and Spin on Virtual Turntables with Google’s Latest Doodle

DJ Experience, News | Aug 11, 2017

Celebrate Hip-Hop and Spin on Virtual Turntables with Google’s Latest Doodle

The music world changed greatly on this day in 1973, and Google’s latest Doodle is helping to celebrate. With a fun five-minute history brief and interactive tutorial, Google commemorates the 44th anniversary of an important part of hip-hop history – the break.

DJ Kool Herc played the first “breaks” in songs at a block party in The Bronx, New York on August 11, 1973. He did this to keep the crowd dancing, eventually leading to the creation of breakdancing. Hip-hop is a major force in today’s music culture and has influenced everything from dance to art to fashion. You have to wonder if party-goers knew what they were witnessing that day at the block party!

The Google Doodle is nothing short of awesome with interactive ones-and-twos, music samples by famous musicians, and art from graffiti artist Cey Adams. With an all-star team including hip-hop veteran, Fab 5 Freddy and head of YouTube Music, Lyor Cohen, Google said this project was one of the most complex that they’ve done:

“We’re always trying to one-up ourselves, to exceed the expectations of people who love our Doodles. This one represented all the things Doodles are good at: storytelling, interactivity and education,” said Google’s Ryan Germick in their recent blog post.

Check out Google’s Doodle and celebrate the party that started it all.


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