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Gear Reviews, News, Technology | Aug 04, 2016   

Check Out Wicked Lasers Home Laser Show System

It’s not a party without lasers. The LaserDock by Wicked Lasers lets you customize laser shows from the comfort of home for only $199.


Wicked Lasers, who brought you the world’s most powerful flashlight, and laser pointer, have an affordable new product for creating light shows. Estimated to arrive in September 2016, the technology combines a 1W RGB laser projector with music visualization software. In addition to 100 built in visual effects, the LaserDock comes with a library of laser shows. It is compatible with Mac, PC and Android devices.

laser dock rear end

However you may want to run it through a Wicked Lasers Dongle first, which is available online for $99. A dongle is a small piece of hardware that connects to devices and provides them with additional functionality. 

wicked lasers dongle

The Hong Kong based engineering firm introduced the product via the crowd funding website Indiegogo. They have surpassed their goal $50,000 by 391% and still have a month to go. Pre-order your LaserDock at Indiegogo by donating $199 to the cause.

Now all you have to do is wait a month for the LaserDock to ship worldwide. This thing is going to blow your cat’s mind.

cat takes in laser show

Download new music for your laser show at!

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