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DJ Experience, News, Videos | Dec 20, 2016

Christmas Burglar Absconds w/ DJ Grimm’s Gear

DJ Grimm from San Diego recounts the horror and rage he felt watching a green skinned burglar in Christmas regalia steal his record collection. (Satire.)

Earlier this month DJ Grimm returned to his San Diego residence to discover his Christmas decoration, music gear and record collection had been ransacked. He immediately checked his security webcams and discovered the identity of the suspected burglar, a green skinned gentleman wearing Santa clothes and Nike Roshes.

Channel 5 News broadcasted the security footage of the Christmas burglar in question. Authorities are encouraging anyone that sees this man to contact them right away, and not listen to any of his humbuggery about hating the holidays.


There’s so much evil in the world!

According to DJ Grimm’s statement he can’t play any gigs without music. Luckily he is a member of the BPM Supreme digital music pool, where he can download all the multimedia he needs to spin a full DJ set fast and easily. Now there is no need for him to cancel his holiday engagements at the last minute.

Gear theft remains a big problem in the music community. If you are sick of lugging around crates full of records just to be analog, consider joining BPM Supreme.


DJ Grimm from San Diego for Channel 5 News.

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