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Denon DJ Releases Engine Prime Version 1.1 Software Update

News, Technology | Jan 23, 2018   

Denon DJ Releases Engine Prime Version 1.1 Software Update

It’s been one year since Denon DJ announced the new music management/file analysis software, Engine Prime, developed to work seamlessly with their SC5000. Now the company has released the first major update to the program, version 1.1. New features include more power and flexibility in managing digital music collections, better integration of iTunes folders, and improved search capabilities and performance. Keep reading for more details:

“Engine Prime software is an integral component of Denon DJ’s Prime Series. The new 1.1 version enables a higher degree of access and organization for music libraries, making the DJs time on the stage collected and creative,” said Ross Goodwin, Denon DJ Product Manager. 

Key features in version 1.1:

  • Embedded iTunes structure now supports playlist folders and sub playlists.
  • Embedded iTunes playlists are easily imported to Engine Prime playlist and crate areas via right click menu or dragging.
  • Added support for custom iTunes XML database location.
  • Improved searching – use spaces to search text within multiple fields at once.
  • Added ability for Loops and Cues to be placed before analysis is complete.
  • Added ability to right click within a playlist and renumber the playlist based on the current playlist sorting.
  • Filters now highlight all shown related compatible keys and BPMs when selecting items in the lists.
  • New “Job Monitor” feature helps the scheduling of song packing to drives, adding tracks to collections, and other processes.
  • The number of songs selected is now shown at the bottom of the screen.
  • Stability enhancements and various bug fixes.

Engine Prime version 1.1 will be available this quarter as a free software download for all Prime Series (SC5000 and X1800) hardware users. For more information visit Denon DJ’s website.

We’re excited to see what else is in store for Denon DJ in 2018. If you haven’t already entered to win a Prime Series set up worth over $5,000 – do it now! We’re accepting entries until February 28th.

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