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News, Technology | Jun 18, 2018   

Denon DJ Releases v1.2 Update with Traktor Support and More

Denon DJ has released the v1.2 firmware update for SC5000 Prime media players and software update for the Engine Prime music management system. The new version adds more ways to quickly import, access, and organize music than ever before. Plus, as previously hinted to by Native Instruments, Traktor users are now able to import playlists, songs, loops, and cue points within Engine Prime.

Additional updates include “instant-doubles,” enhanced BPM analysis, custom music organization, and the ability to transfer significantly larger libraries across a Prime network. Here’s a closer look at each of the updates in v1.2:

Import Native Instruments Traktor Collections

The v1.2 update allows DJs to have a “laptop-free Traktor experience.” Access Traktor playlists, songs, loops & cue points directly within Engine Prime v1.2 and export quickly and easily for use with an SC5000.

Instant Double Tracks

New “instant doubles” feature duplicates the current playing track at an identical timeline position on a 2nd networked player or the same unit’s 2nd layer.

Enhanced BPM Analysis

A wider range of tempo (BPM) tracks and music genres are brought into an enhanced analysis environment in one selectable range. Plus, improved downbeat detection makes sure Engine Prime accurately catches the first downbeat of a song.

Increased Playlist Management Options

Organize and export playlists and crates with customizable arrangement, navigation, and workflow options.

Larger Drives/Collections Across Network

Store significantly larger music collections and access your content quicker across a group of networked SC5000s.

Immediate Track Cue/Play on Analyze

In addition to the ability to analyze a track’s metadata inside the unit, DJs can also now perform instant cue-plus-play operations.

To learn more or download the new update, visit the Denon DJ website

Are you a Prime Series user? Let us know your thoughts on the new update and if there is a feature you’d like to see from Denon DJ in the future.

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