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Discogs Buys Crate Diggers’ Vinyl-Centric Events

DJ Experience, News, Technology | Oct 05, 2016   

Discogs Buys Crate Diggers’ Vinyl-Centric Events

Discogs, the most comprehensive database of music online has announced a partnership with Crate Diggers, a company that specializes in vinyl conventions.

Discogs has announced a new partnership with Crate Diggers so that they can provide large events for record collectors, in addition to their helpful database of music releases throughout history. While Discogs is a way for vinyl enthusiasts all over the world to connect, they want to bring hobbyists together in real life as well. You can look forward to a series of 10 record collecting events each in a different city.


According to Chad Dahlstrom, Chief Operating Officer at Discogs:

“We’re often asked if we support record stores and selling offline. The answer has always been yes. Through our site VinylHub and now Crate Diggers we can continue support the sales and trading of albums live. All of us love to dig records and we want Crate Diggers to be one of those events that diggers can look forward to year after year.”


Discogs Community Manager Liz Maddux added:

“The Crate Diggers series provides the opportunity to bring together the music collecting community under one roof so that music lovers everywhere can converge and discuss and share their passion. With each passing Crate Diggers event, more and more people get the word and come down to show off their wares, and we are dedicated to bringing this experience to cities and users across the globe.”

The partnership has already yielded successful Record Fairs in Miami, Portland and Berlin. The next Crate Diggers Record Fair takes place in Los Angeles on October 22, 2016. Admission to the convention and after party is free but also first come first serve. Contact Crate Diggers if you are interested in selling vinyl or performing a set.

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