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News, Videos | Nov 10, 2015   

DJ Arch Jnr – SA’s Got Talent 2015 Winner – The Debate

A 3 year old just became the youngest contestant to win “South Africa’s Got Talent” and the “Got Talent” show globally.

DJ Arch Jnr became a viral hit when he appeared on “South Africa’s Got Talent” and blew away the judges and audience. This past Sunday, he ended up winning the prize of $35,000 USD and his popularity is blowing up globally. 

However, several critics are questioning the actual “talent” of DJ Arch Jr and motives of his parents. Skepticism is flooding the comment section on YouTube and questions surrounding the actual talent of this 3 year old are coming into question. The debate is real.

Here are some of the comments below:

“So what exactly is spectacular about this? I don’t seem to get it. So his Dad sets up the playlist, hits play and then walks away and the crowd goes wild? Smh”

“This is a fraudulent performance. Anyone with a tiny bit of experience on the deck can see he is clueless and only tuning knobs randomly. My 1 year old grandson could also stand and jump up and down and look cute to a programmed playlist… TOTAL SCAM! This is cheating the contestants with real talent! I will not be supporting SA’s got talent from here on forward.”

“hahah people are so damn stupid gullible. He’s certainly cute but is doing nothing. BUT, neither do most other DJs in a “live” performance these days, even the multi million dollar ones. Give me an old DJ who could mash up and mix two vinyl records on the fly and that is some talent. But today’s DJs are nothing more than fakes that press play on a fancy looking ipod. EDM stars do have some value in creating the music in the studio, but live performing is a total joke and people eat it up. It’s silly. It’s like Aerosmith, U2, or any other band showing up on tour and air playing/lip syncing to a recorded track. Standing there twisting a knob and fist pumping for an hour and a half.”

Watch the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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