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Gear Reviews, News, Technology, Videos | Apr 05, 2019   

DJ Gift Guide: Custom Litt LED Laptop Displays

Whenever you’re in need of the perfect gift for the DJ in your life, or if you’re a DJ looking for some great things for yourself, BPM Supreme’s DJ Gift Guide has you covered.

In the latest episode, our very own DJ Inspire shows us her custom laptop display by Custom Litt. If you’ve been thinking about ways to upgrade or customize your DJ gear, getting started with this slide-on LED display is the perfect option.

Custom Litt displays are built to fit a laptop’s specifications and include sound responsive LED technology. DJ Inspire walks us through all of the different color and preset modes, like sound waves and color jumps that you can access with the included remote. A display from Custom Litt also comes with a convenient travel case so you can protect your display while on the road.

As DJ Inspire mentions in this video, showcasing your logo on a laptop is a great way to get your branding some worthwhile attention. The cost for a laptop display like this varies depending on your needs, so check out Custom Litt’s website to get a quote for your laptop or learn more. 

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