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DJ Jean Literally Wrecks Routine on Live TV

DJ Experience, News, Scratch Routines, Videos | Dec 19, 2016

DJ Jean Literally Wrecks Routine on Live TV

Watch DJ Jean, a popular producer in the Netherlands, tank at scratching on live television via the Dutch news. Would you call it the worst routine ever?

When Dutch newscaster Arjen Lubach invited DJ Jean to demonstrate scratch DJing on the news, this probably wasn’t what he had in mind. They probably should have rehearsed it a few times. But instead DJ Jean plows through the ‘scratch routine’ which sounds like he is trying to destroy a record through the force of friction as he turns the platter.

The video is rapidly approaching a million views on Facebook where the news clip is going viral. That is good for Lubach, but not as funny to DJ Jean, who has posted another scratch routine on Facebook to prove his skills as a turntablist. It is possible that he had an anxiety attack. It definitely sucks to have your set be known as the worst ever.

On the other hand DJ Jean is a notable DJ in Europe and beyond, so he should be used to large crowds by now. He is best known for a 1999 hard house single called “The Launch” featuring vocals by by Natasja Morales. The song was #1 on the Dutch pop charts, and still gets played regularly at hockey games in the US and Canada for some reason. Apparently he is also a turntablist.

According to BPM Supreme ambassador DJ Angelo the most important part of producing a scratch routine is practicing it until you can throw down anytime or place.


Dj Jean Rocks TOMMOROWLAND!!! #tommorowland #ultra #dj #artist #girls #party

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