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DJ Puffy Named RedBull Thre3style World DJ Champion of 2016

DJ Experience, News | Dec 19, 2016

DJ Puffy Named RedBull Thre3style World DJ Champion of 2016

The official RedBull Thre3style World DJ Champion of 2016 is DJ Puffy, a radio DJ from Barbados. Read about his triumphant scratch routine here!

After a grueling round of final competitions in Santiago, Chile, RedBull has announced that the winner of the Thre3style World DJ tournament is DJ Puffy from Barbados. André “Puffy” Parris, age 25, has the honor of bringing the title home to the Caribbean.


As is tradition the event took place in the hometown of last year’s champion DJ Byte. It was held Saturday night at the Vélodromo del Estadio, and featured 126 turntablists from 20 countries, narrowed down from over 1,000 video entries. Each contestant had to impress former champions like Mix Master Mike, Craze, Skratch Bastid, Jazzy Jeff, Nu Mark and Z-Trip, in a 15-minute scratch routine that uses at least three genres of music.

“I am an energy factory, I’m overwhelmed. I will carry the torch the best I can as the best DJ in the world for the next year,” the victor exclaimed to RedBull spokespeople.

According to commentary from Loop News Barbados, it was pretty much over once DJ Puffy mashed up Amy Winehouse “Rehab” with “No, No, No” by Dawn Penn.

“Puffy played way more than three styles as is his style. It was all fun and games as he played until he dropped his Rupee ‘Tempted to Touch’ soca plate. Then if that was not enough, he dropped a King Bubba ‘Mash up’ plate and his mix of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Rehab’, ‘They try to make me go to rehab and I said…” then he slid in ‘No no no’ by Dawn Penn and DJ Numark flew out his seat and nearly dropped his clipboard while DJ Jazzy Jeff rocked back in his seat simultaneously.”

As part of his responsibilities as World Champion DJ Puffy will go on a world tour with the RedBull Thre3style tournament, including all the energy drinks he can handle.

Congratulations to DJ Puffy, the RedBull Thre3style World DJ Champion of 2016.

Look momma we made it 🙏 ( 📷 by @thesupermaniak )

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