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DJ Snake cancels show at Hangout Music Fest & deletes social media accounts

News, Videos | May 22, 2017

DJ Snake cancels show at Hangout Music Fest & deletes social media accounts

DJ Snake was set to perform yesterday (May 21) for the 4:45 p.m. set at the Hangout Music Festival, but cancelled last minute and was replaced by the festival with rising artist Lil Yachty.

Shortly after, the famous DJ’s social media accounts were nowhere to be found (all except for his Facebook). The reason for this is still unconfirmed, but it is speculated that it may have something to do with the recent lawsuit filed against him and Lil John earlier this month for their hit single “Turn Down For What.”

The lawsuit was filed May 4 by Golden Crown Records, claiming that the track infringed upon the work of The Artchitecz, a group comprised of Freddie GZ, Martiononthebeat and Mr. Bonjean, also titled “Turn Down For What.” Their song was released March 2013 before DJ Snake’s was released later that year in December, although it did not gain as much popularity on a national or international scale.

Like many other popular artists of this current age, DJ Snake now has a lawsuit on his hands to deal with. Regardless, the DJ, who has climbed the EDM charts to fame in recent years, is trying to stay positive. Before his set at the Mawazine Festival in Morrocco last week, the artist spoke out to the crowd of 80,000 fans and said, “When you are on top, people are trying to bring you down. So you do have to prepare for this and be ready. All I will be doing is keep bringing those positive vibes. I do this for the fans because they show me so much love every day.”

Along with the EDM producer and hip-hop rapper Lil John, Sony, Colombia Records, and Cobalt Music Publishing are on the list of defendants in the case.

On the other side of this case is Richard Busch, an extremely well-known and successful copyright lawyer in the industry. He recently represented Marvin Gaye (and won) in the recent lawsuit against Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and T.I. for the popular track “Blurred Lines.” Busch released a statement regarding the copyright infringement stating, “The striking similarity between the Original Work and the Infringing Works…when paired together with the timeline of events cannot be a coincidence.” He is assisting Golden Crown Records in their pursuit of hefty monetary damages as well as a permanent injunction on DJ Snake’s song.

The name isn’t the only reason for the company’s lawsuit; they are claiming that along with the title, the beats, chord progressions and vocals of the song strongly resemble that of The Architecz’s track, even down to the way Lil John says the line “Turn down for what.”

Compare the two versions here and decide for yourself:

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2 thoughts on “DJ Snake cancels show at Hangout Music Fest & deletes social media accounts

  1. sounds like a stretch… the actual progression (which is honestly the main motif of this track–and never changes–is one of the most basic, rudimentary melody progressions: 1, 2 3, 1–which is made even MORESO basic when you remember that most melodies or hooks, in an effort to be memorable, generally ‘resolve’ back to that root chord before the next measure–seriously, like——9 times out of 10. additionally: how many possible rhythmic ways are there to sing/express a four-word vocal hook…

  2. not sure whom was 1st …but I think “GZ” is not really as Dope as Lil -Snakes
    and to me Jam on Both !

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