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EFG First Music Festival to Okay Marijuana Sales

DJ Experience, News | Jul 19, 2016   

EFG First Music Festival to Okay Marijuana Sales

The Enchanted Forest Gathering that takes place July 22-25 in Laytonville, California, has announced they will allow sales of medical marijuana.

This just in, the Enchanted Forest Gathering will be the first music festival in US history to permit retail sales of medical marijuana onsite. However no drinking alcohol will be allowed on festival grounds, due to their “Get saucy, not sauced!” policy. 

enchanted forest gathering 2015
Enchanted Forest Gathering 2015

Northern California’s newest premier conscious living festival is the Enchanted Forest Gathering. In addition to four stages of music they have over 110 workshops in subjects like dance, movement and flow arts, nutrition and nourishment, permaculture and ancestral arts, relationships and sexuality, science and spirituality, and of course yoga. Children under 11 get in free, although they do ask you RSVP online.

Shpongle (Simon Posford DJ Set), the Polish Ambassador, pantyraid, Minnesota, Autograf and Thriftworks are slated to provide the soundtrack to the event, alongside many more.

enchanted forest gathering 2016 lineup

Max Bowen, Founder at Healing Harvest Farms in Laytonville, told the press, “With the dawn of legalization happening people are preparing for the inevitable. This is a legal test run if you will – a social experiment of sorts. Sanctioned vending of cannabis here at Black Oak required written consent from the Mendocino County Sheriff. This is actually the second festival to offer legal distribution of cannabis.”

He continued, “We try to support local farmers and spare consumers a bunch of aggressive marketing. We feel that by supporting the local farmer community and remaining health conscious we’ve garnered a lot of positive feedback as well. In a lot of places onsite vending may not be allowed next year with some of the current bills being proposed by our government, so we’re hoping to show a positive example… that 215 spaces can be informative as we continue our discussions about the future of our children. We’re here because we want to participate in that movement and show that it can be done in a positive way.”


Mixmag reports that the supply will come from local sponsors Emerald Farms, a solar-powered medical cannabis dispensary and resource center. They will sell all the stuff they have at a regular dispensary, including accessories, clones, edibles, flowers, seeds, topicals and vape oil cartridges. 

Judging from this recap video of last year’s proceedings, cannabis was already being consumed at the 2015 Enchanted Forest Gathering anyway.

Enchanted Forest Gathering – 2015 Recap Video from Enchanted Forest on Vimeo.

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