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DJ Experience, News, Videos | Mar 30, 2018   

Episode 1: Inside the Agency | 5 Things An Agency Looks For

As promised, BPM Supreme and Sleeping Giant Music (SGM) have teamed up to take you “Inside the Agency.” In a 6-part exclusive video series, we’re serving up some in-depth knowledge and valuable advice from professional booking agents and industry veterans.

SGM was founded in 2004 and has an impressive roster with a mix of open format, EDM, mobile, and event DJs. The agents are dedicated to their artists and have helped launch a handful of successful careers over the years.

At our “Inside the Agency” workshop earlier this month, one of the most common questions attendees had was how to get signed by an agency. In Episode 1, SGM founder, Freddie Harb, shares his opinions and expertise with us. Watch the full video to hear the five most important things to work on if you’re trying to get noticed by an agency.

Keep an eye out for more episodes coming soon. We’ll cover helpful topics and provide insight to help you grow your own DJ career.

Let us know what you think of Episode 1 and if you have any other advice for DJs looking to join an agency. We want to hear from you!

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