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DJ Experience, News, Videos | Jul 25, 2018   

Episode 5: Inside the Agency | Music Production

“Inside the Agency” with BPM Supreme and Sleeping Giant Music (SGM) returns with Episode 5: Music Production. In this quick two-minute video, SGM founder and president, Freddie Harb, shares his advice on whether or not producing original music can help grow your DJ career. 

Many DJs find themselves in the studio with hopes of becoming the next big thing, while others may create edits and bootlegs just for fun. Do you think it’s necessary to learn music production or does it depend on what kind of DJ you are? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

If you missed Episodes 1 through 4 of “Inside the Agency,” visit BPM Supreme’s YouTube page. So far we’ve covered topics ranging from social media to the must-haves for getting signed to an agency.

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