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Erick Jay Dominates at IDA World Finals 2016

DJ Experience, News, Videos | Dec 05, 2016   

Erick Jay Dominates at IDA World Finals 2016

The results of the IDA World Championships of 2016 have been announced and Erick Jay from Brazil is the champion. Read about his winning scratch routine!


The International DJ Association (IDA) World Championships went down yesterday at the ICA Krakow Congress Centre in Poland. Many would enter but in the end only a handful would triumph in the three categories of Scratch, Show and Technical. 

Erick Jay from Brazil won the Technical Category, followed by Dom-Auto (Japan) and DJ Datflex (Spain) in second and third place. From Portugal, Beatbombers claimed the number one spot in the Show Category, alongside Skillz, Mendosam and KTDR1 (France) and Tas (Poland). The champion of the Scratch Category was VaZeeDJ from Poland (see his winning routine below), and in second DJ Fakser from Italy.


The Technical Category is based on the turntablism skills of solo performers. Artists may use two turntables, one mixer, and two Novation Dicers or one MIDI controller. Competitors may use hot cues, but the contest is judged mainly on their abilities as turntablists. It involves several rounds of routines.

The Show Category is a six minute performance by teams as well as solo performers. It is the most multifaceted competition because performers can use any combination of gear they want, as long as there is at least one turntable and one mixer. As always scratching and juggling are important, but this is the most fluid contest in the tournament.

This year the Scratch Category was only for solo scratch DJ’s using two turntables and a mixer, with no DVS allowed. The contest is for pure turntablism techniques only. To enter components have win a national IDA scratch competition, then submit a video routine to the IDA World Online Scratch eliminations.

Congratulations to the winners of the IDA World Championships 2016. Follow IDA World on Instagram below to stay up to date with future events.

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