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Forbes Announces the 12 Top Earning DJ’s of 2016

DJ Experience, News | Aug 16, 2016   

Forbes Announces the 12 Top Earning DJ’s of 2016

Forbes has revealed the top twelve richest DJ’s of 2016. And we have it here in a comprehensive list:

calvin harris worlds richest dj

1. Calvin Harris – $63 million

In addition to his modeling career, Harris is the highest paid DJ in Las Vegas at $400,000 per gig.

tiesto rich

2. Tiesto – $38 million

The Dutch DJ played over 100 six figure gigs across the world this year and he’s sponsored by 7up.

david guetta rich

3. David Guetta – $28 million

In 2016 David Guetta composed the theme music for the Euro soccer tournament and was a top earner in Vegas.

zedd rich

4. Zedd – $24.5 million

In addition to his partnership with Guitar Center, Zedd plays a lot of lucrative nightclub and festival shows.

steve aoki rich

5. Steve Aoki – $23.5 million

Steve Aoki played at least 198 DJ sets this year and scored part of the soundtrack to the Angry Birds movie.

diplo rich

6. Diplo – $23 million

Diplo produced albums for everyone including Madonna in 2016, plus Major Lazer’s “Lean On” was in the Top 100.

skrillex rich

7. Skrillex – $20 million

Skrillex produced the bulk of Justin Bieber’s latest LP.

kaskade rich

8. Kaskade – $19 million

Nowadays you don’t hear about Kaskade too often, but he spent three quarters of this year touring the world.

martin garrix rich

9. Martin Garrix – $16 million

One of EDM’s youngest rising stars, Garrix managed to accumulate millions of dollars in 2016.

dmitri vegas and like mike rich

10. Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike – $15.5 million

Brother DJ duo, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, pooled in a cool $15.5 million this year.

afrojack rich

11. Afrojack – $15 million

Afrojack augments his tour income with sponsorships and licensing deals with brands like G-Star Denim.

avicii poorest top 12 rich dj

12. Avicii – $14.5 million

Avicii, the “poorest” DJ on this list, retired from DJing (for now) but still has deals with Volvo and Ralph Lauren.

Source: Forbes


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