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Instagram Poll: What’s a general rule of thumb for a mobile DJ?

DJ Experience, News | Dec 26, 2017   

Instagram Poll: What’s a general rule of thumb for a mobile DJ?

We recently asked our Instagram followers for their best advice, tips and industry secrets for mobile DJs. The original post received close to 100 comments and lots of helpful ideas! Keep reading to see what the BPM Supreme fam had to say:

Arrive Early

One of the most recurring comments was to make sure you arrive early and have plenty of time to set up equipment. It’s important to double and triple check that all of your gear is in working order before the event begins. Arrive around two hours early for sound check and also be prepared to roll with last minute changes.

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Be Prepared for Anything

In addition to making sure your music is organized and ready to go, it’s important to be prepared for any unexpected issues that might arise. Last minute changes are always possible at a mobile event, especially if the event is outdoors. You may find yourself relocating the DJ booth, or moving from an outdoor setting to an indoor location if the weather isn’t cooperating. 

Here are a few ways our followers suggested to be prepared and ready for anything:

“Make sure you double check your equipment and all your cables/cords, and carry long power extension cords!”

“Preparation takes all stress away…then I walk into the event fearless! Worry free! I saw someone said always have an AUX ready. So true. Every time.”

“Better to be over-prepared with music than not! Have clean and dirty music ready!”

Make a List and Bring Backups 

Making a checklist of all the gear and gadgets you need for an event is the first step. You’ll feel confident and relaxed knowing that you’ve packed everything you need to make the gig a success.

The next step is to keep a backup of each important item. One suggestion on the original Instagram post said to keep a ‘bag of tricks’ with things like a hard drive, extra adapters, wires and power cords, an AUX cord for unexpected song requests, gaff tape, and business cards.

Pro tip:

“Orange extension cords are for yard work. Buy black ones for your gigs.”

Presentation is Everything

So, you’ve made your list, you’ve packed your backup gear, and now you’re at the event early and ready to set up. Awesome! Now is the time to really ‘wow’ your client with an organized and professional presentation. Our Instagram followers suggest making sure all wires and cords are hidden (as best as possible) and organized efficiently. Keep your area extra presentable by putting personal items in your DJ bag or hidden under the booth.

Also, watch out for abandoned drinks, energetic children, intoxicated adults, or anything that could be potentially harmful to your DJ equipment.

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Know Your Audience

It’s crucial to understand your audience for each mobile gig and have the right music prepared before you arrive. At an event like a wedding or a bar/bat mitzvah, you want to know what type of music they’ll be expecting to hear and cater to guests of all ages with the music selection. 

Talk to the client about the vibe of the party in advance, ask them what age group and what type of crowd it will be, and also find out the protocol for taking requests. You’ll definitely want to know if the event calls for an emcee, and if so, go over the script or timeline with the client beforehand.

We really liked the following responses from Instagram:

“Taking requests is a delicate balance and you want to make the client happy. I like to say something like, ‘for the next thirty minutes I’m open to requests…after that I’m getting hot!”

“Play something for everyone in your crowd. Always do your best to move the crowd, even if it’s for friends. Your next paying client could be in that crowd!”

“Be a good MC, and if you’re not one, bring a good one!”

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Be Professional

Small gestures can go a long way when it comes to professionalism. A big part of impressing your client is to maintain a good level of communication with them from the time the event is booked until it is all done and over. Pay attention to details, make sure you understand what the client expects you to play, and never get too intoxicated!

Also, as we mentioned above, your next paying client could be in the crowd, so be personable to everyone in the room.

Have Fun

Most importantly, have a good time! A great response we received said to relax and not get caught up being nervous or overthinking your music choices. You’re there to entertain and keep the party going.

“Be humble, meet and exceed the expectations of your client and make the client and guests leave thinking “that DJ/party was amazing!”

What advice would you give to a DJ going out on their first mobile gig? Are you a seasoned pro and have any tips to share? Check out the original Instagram post below and leave us your comments!

What’s a general rule of thumb for a mobile DJ? ?: @djcomplexlex

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7 thoughts on “Instagram Poll: What’s a general rule of thumb for a mobile DJ?

  1. Some clients get freaked out when they learn you want to arrive 2 hours prior to your start time. They seriously think you can slap up a large, impressive show in a half hour. I know some can, but I’m fat and slow.

  2. “Pay attention to details, make sure you understand what the client expects you to play, and never get too intoxicated!”
    Never get too intoxicated?! I NEVER drink on the job. Period

  3. PJTHEDJ22 actually nails it … only thing to add : suprise the audience with special gimmicks. e.g VirtualDJ provides the ask the dj feature were guest can send music request from their mobil right to the dj. not needed everywere but defo something exclusive. And isnt that what makes the difference ?

  4. Questionnaire sheet with genres to be played or not. Special request songs. for on the night. Explaining to client that the night is fluid. things might change. with regards to playing of songs and you reading and playing the crowd. The demographic of the Crowd. Race / Ethnicity / Age. A Friend had a wedding with Israeli bride and a German groom with guest from both countries. The playlist Prep got everyone grooving as he could prepare beforehand. South Africa have a diversity of cultures. And in the beach resorts of the West Coast with frequent international guests it is best to have a pre set plan. (Guide). Once played in a church hall. Amp blew. Had to borrow the church sound system. With the knowledge that the pastor was in attendance could not play half of my hip hop and R&B music. So now in my assembly of songs clean, versions of tracks.

  5. I like to put some LaPeen PRIDE in my Beats! Leaving them wanting more and more and more and more. Show them what you’ve got and give it to them LaPeen Style! You’ve got to get into the groove, you’ve got to prove your love to me! Act as though every party is for Barack and Michelle O!

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