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Hackers Breach Beggar’s Group Online Store

DJ Experience, News, Technology | Jul 21, 2016   

Hackers Breach Beggar’s Group Online Store

Anyone that bought music from 4AD, Matador, Rough Trade, Young Turks, True Panther, XL and Beggars Arkive, between April 28 to May 4 may have been hacked. The above picture is an artist’s rendition of what that might have looked like, thanks to Mr. Robot.

Late last week Beggar’s Group mailed a letter to their customers stating that their account information may have been compromised. The letter explained that hackers may have stolen their credit card information if they had used the site to buy music or merch.

beggars group record label group

Beggar’s Group represents a handful of independent record labels that include 4AD, Matador, Rough Trade, Young Turks, True Panther, XL and Beggars Arkive. On May 4, 2016 a contract web developer notified them about suspicious files located in the e-commerce section of their websites, which usually means someone else put it there. The record label says they promptly hired a third party security firm to investigate the matter.

It turns out that the hacker or hackers may have accessed records containing customer purchase information, including name, address, phone number, email address, credit card number, expiration date, CVV security code and account password. 

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In response to the hack Beggar’s Group released the following statement, “We apologize for any inconvenience or concern this may have caused. To help prevent this from happening again, we remediated the websites and continue to work to strengthen the security of the websites.” They also encouraged their customers to update their passwords, and review their financial statements for unusual activity during this time.

Somewhere out there an aging hipster with thick black glasses and a massive record collection is super pissed off right now.

i was making fun of hipsters before everybody

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