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Hand picked songs for that weekend vibe 🌴

Charts | May 12, 2017

Hand picked songs for that weekend vibe 🌴

Our music specialists here at BPM Supreme are constantly updating playlists on our BPM Supreme Spotify account with the newest, most popular tracks, and exclusive remixes, for whatever mood the weekend may bring for you and your crew.

If you’re looking to unwind with some chill songs, check out the R&B and Hip hop tracks we added, including talented artists like Russ, DJ Khaled, and Drake here.

If you’re feeling more of the TOP 40 vibe (also good for getting ideas for your upcoming set), check out the Top 40 playlist we have going on here.

Other playlists that are featured include EDM, Country, Rock/Alternative in addition to some others. Our playlists are constantly updated to give you the advantage when you need to fill in your set with new tracks or if you just want a prime soundtrack for the weekend.

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Happy listening!


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