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How to Promote Yourself During the Holidays

DJ Experience, News | Dec 09, 2016   

How to Promote Yourself During the Holidays

The winter holidays are the busiest time of the year for professional DJ’s. Learn more about how to engage your fanbase with these marketing tips!

When planning a holiday marketing campaign it is best to start early so that everything can be ready by the time Black Friday hits. Nonetheless there are a lot of things you can do throughout the time between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve to promote yourself as a DJ and producer. From holiday themed social media posts to full fledged Christmastime festivals, here are some marketing ideas.

Web Content


Videos or live streams – Put together a Christmastime themed video for consumers to view. Funny videos have a tendency to go viral, like holiday specials. And so does anything that tugs at people’s emotional heart strings, including asking them about how they celebrate each year. Or go with a musical theme such as Christmas caroling that music fans will view to get into the mood or give them ideas.

Playlists of music or videos – Assemble your favorite Christmas music, or videos, into a playlist that you promote online. You can partner with another organization and have them feature the compilation on their website and social media accounts. 

Make a Christmas mixtape/podcast – DJ’s have the opportunity to produce a more fluid mixtape, rather than simply a compilation of music. A lot of people are tired of hearing carols during this time of year, so dress up classics with EDM beats, a hip hop flair or a nice mashup. You could even cover a Christmas song.

Holiday mobile apps – A holiday mobile application may be appropriate depending on how technically advanced your company is, and who you think would actually download it.

Decorate your logo – Jazz up your logo with a Yuletide motif such as gently falling snow or a sprig of holly berries. Use this logo on your website and promotional material to remind everyone about the magic of the holiday season.

Special landing pages – Invite potential customers to click on links to micro-sites that display a holiday special or resource. Some traditional examples of temporary landing pages are a “Santa tracker” and a countdown to Christmas or the New Year. By funneling web users to this page you embolden them to make a purchase.

Themed blog postings – In addition to photos and videos, written content should have a festive approach as well. Gift guides are a popular blogs during the holidays.

Social Media


Decorate your account profiles – In addition to your logo, update all your profile pictures and cover photos to a more Christmasy design.

Host holiday chats and live streams – The holiday festivities are a time for people to come together, which is a great chance to reach your audience, or make new connections. You can’t be everywhere at once, but you can still hold a holiday hangout online, and invite your fans to ask you questions.

Crowdsource content from fans – Ask your fanbase to send holiday content they make themselves, like a selfie with your product, or a Photoshopped image of you.

Have some kind of contest – While your crowdsourcing content you may as well turn it into a contest, and offer merchandise, music or guest list spots as a prize. Make sure contestants follow you as part of the rules.

Employ hashtag campaigns – Use a unique hashtag to identify contest participants and fans on social media. It should be something festive that millennials would enjoy sharing a lot for some reason. It should be original enough to stand out online too, for example #ThrowbackThursday has already been taken many times.

Sales & Promotions


Have a Black Friday sale – Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are literally the busiest shopping days of the year, so thats when businesses offer their deepest discounts. On this particular weekend consumers are basically asking you to sell them something, including music, merchandise and event tickets.

Create bundle deals of merch – The end of the year is a good time to consolidate any leftover stock, and offer bundle deals or add on incentives. Offer mixed packages of gear, music, tickets or even a personal phone call or video conference. 

Appeal to last minute shoppers – Bundles make great gift ideas for last minute shoppers who don’t know what else to buy. Concentrate your efforts as Christmas Day approaches nearer and nearer. You may want to send out an email blast reminding them of all the great last second deals.

Use time limits – The pressure of a deadline can be a great motivator. Limit your deals and specials to a particular time frame and then include a timer that counts down while they decide whether or not to input their credit card information.

Encourage self gifting – Many people end up buying something for themselves when they shop for gifts. Make them an offer too good to pass up and they will treat themselves.

Christmas Charity


Raise donations for a nonprofit – Use your holiday campaign to remind everyone about the true spirit of Christmas (and Hanukkah). Sales, social media and events create opportunities to collect charitable donations. Some good causes are children, the elderly, disease research, human rights, refugees and the homeless.

Have a social media fundraiser – Offer to donate money to a cause of your choice for every social media interaction that you receive. Not only does it raise funds for charity, but it increases your web presence through sharing.

Throw a charity fundraising event – As a DJ and promoter this is the perfect chance to throw a charitable event of epic proportions, such as a show, party or toy drive. This also helps with branding. If you donate all the proceeds to charity then you can get around booking fees and throw a big party at the same time.

Holiday Events


Put on a Christmas party – Whether or not it’s for charity, the holiday party is a tradition in itself. In addition to club events or music festivals, consider office parties or a business to business meeting to acquire more contacts and leads. Avoid schedule conflicts by planning it on a day that people are free to attend. Oftentimes a lunch time meal attracts more attendees, because there are so many evening events already. 

Exhibit at holiday shows – If planning an event sounds like a huge investment of time, money and energy right now, then participate in someone else’s party. Set up a promo booth at a festival, concert or other holiday events. Give away flyers or promotional items with your logo on them, and call them Christmas presents.

Have a meet and greet with fans – DJ’s with a large following can host meet and greets at retail locations or music venues. Or hold an open meeting and invite similarly minded individuals to attend for networking purposes. People feel jovial and bubbly during the holidays — unless they are Scrooge or the Grinch.

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