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DJ Experience, News, Technology | Dec 26, 2016

Hudson Mohawke Scores Watch Dogs 2

The former youngest regional DMC champion in Scotland Hudson Mohawke recently scored the soundtrack to the video game Watch Dogs 2 for PlayStation and Xbox.

In an interview with Rolling Stone’s video game publication Glixel, Hudson Mohawke describes what it was like scoring the soundtrack for a video game, as opposed to producing bangers for the club. He recently completed a project with Ubisoft, that is the soundtrack for Watch Dogs 2, the sequel to a GTA-like thriller about hackers.


Ross Matthew Birchard a.k.a. Hudson Mohawke was born in Glasglow, Scotland, where  at age 15 he was the youngest Scotsman ever to win the regional DMC Championships. Sometime around 2007 and age 23 he signed to Warp Records, and 2012 was when he first collaborated with Kanye West, producing two tracks on his 2013 album Yeezus.

In the interview Mohawke describes the experience of soundtracking a video game:

“It’s great to be able to experiment and not have to think about [whether] it works on a dancefloor and has a drop in it. I’ve occasionally found myself in situations where those people are naturally expecting those types of things. Rather than making these sketches and songs and putting them to the side, it’s been a chance to get them into a project. It was kind of liberating for me. For every track I release, there are seven or eight that I don’t release because I don’t think they fit alongside these other songs, or maybe they’re not “hits” within my sort of lane or genre. It actually felt like less pressure than making a record. [Ubisoft] really gave me a lot of creative freedom to experiment. Having done a number of commercials and trailers, quite often you’re not given that freedom. They were very open to my vision.”

You can read more about Watch Dogs 2 at Ubisoft, and watch the official trailer at the top of the page. This game is intended for mature audiences, and is available where Playstation 4 and Xbox One games are sold for around $40 plus tax.

Ded Sec my soundtrack for Watch Dogs 2 out nowwwww

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