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Instagram Poll: What is your favorite turntable cartridge and stylus?

Gear Reviews, News, Technology | Nov 13, 2017   

Instagram Poll: What is your favorite turntable cartridge and stylus?

We recently asked our BPM Supreme Instagram followers to weigh in on their favorite cartridges, needles and styli for turntables. If you’re new to the world of turntablism and scratching, you might be questioning which route to go to get the best quality and sound. Check out the results of our poll below. (We can’t say we’re surprised by the most popular choices.)

Let us know if your favorite didn’t make the list. We want to hear from you!

What is your favorite cartridge & stylus? Pic by @bubblegum_dj

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Ortofon Concorde Pro

The Concorde Pro has a good quality spherical stylus, a rock-solid cantilever, and is advertised as a great option for less experienced scratch DJs. Known for its performance and durability, the Pro offers both reasonable output and high sound quality.  

Price tag: $200 (cartridge and stylus)

Ortofon Pro

Ortofon Concorde Q-Bert

This one from Ortofon was co-designed by DJ Q.Bert specifically for scratch and back-cueing. Turntablists and mix DJs alike will appreciate the strong output of this cartridge, coupled with unrivaled tracking ability and sonic characteristics. The Q.Bert features a more subdued high end, which helps to minimize surface noise from worn vinyl, and an accentuated mid-range to help bring scratching to the front of the sound stage.

Price tag: $135 (cartridge and stylus)

q bert

Shure M44-7

The M44-7 by Shure was also a popular option in our Instagram poll. This legendary battle needle offers ultra-high skip resistance and ultra-high output. It’s been engineered for scratch DJ’s and turntablists, and is designed not to skip under even the most demanding circumstances. The M44-7 is said to be used by some of the top champions DJ’s worldwide.

Price tag: $79.00 (cartridge and stylus)


Shure Whitelabel

The Shure Whitelabel cartridge is an optimal choice for digital DJs and has been tailored for nightclub environments. With a sleek and ergonomic design, the Whitelabel cartridge delivers higher trackability, lower tone-arm resonance, and better skip resistance. 

Price tag: $109.00 (cartridge and stylus)

Shure Whitelabel

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