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DJ Experience, News | Jul 14, 2016   

James Blake Rejects Drake Citing Rudeness

James Blake has revealed that he rejected Drake’s request for a sample because he did not like the way he was asked.

While speaking for an interview on the Spotify Original radio show Secret Genius singer songwriter admitted that he turned down an offer from Drake to sample his music. He also talked a lot about working with Beyonce on her Grammy nominated Lemonade album. The interview has since been removed from Spotify.

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In 2014 Blake had the chance to contribute to Drake’s “0 to 100/The Catch Up” single. Apparently he had sent over some music because they were speculating about a collaboration, although nothing had been confirmed. That’s when his people received the call from Drake’s people demanding that he sign an agreement.

According to Blake, “I sent them some stuff just hoping to just do a collaboration of some kind. And I got an email the day before“0 to 100/The Catch Up” came out. And it just said, hey we’re using this beat you made from like four years ago. I only sent it as a collaborative idea, not to be sampled on a record. Hey we’re using this. Just quickly send me your approval so we can just put it out. I was like no, so I got them to take it off.”


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Blake admitted feeling a pang of regret afterwards, “I remember having a conversation with my publisher later, and saying: What did you think of that decision? Because you know that was a massive album. I asked how much money exactly I turned down by doing that. I spat out my drink. But I could have made far more money if I had taken certain opportunities, or gone to the right parties.”

He also said that he would have done it if Drake had been more polite, “And actually, I a little bit regretted, because it is good, it sounds good on the track. I just did it as a matter of principle at the time. I really liked it. And I think had they come to me beforehand and said we really want to use this what do you think I probably would have said yes.”

Drake is arguably the most famous male pop star in the world right now. So he is probably used to getting want he wants. Nonetheless it is in poor taste to have a bad attitude or be rude, especially at work. On the other hand he is still less crazy than Chris Brown, who recently lost two managers and a residency at Drai’s Las Vegas due to his anger issues.

The lesson is that you should never assume that someone wants to work with you, even if you’re the most successful artist on the planet. This also applies to dating.

James Blake is headlining at the Beach Goth music festival in Orange County, California, this October 22-23, alongside Bon Iver, the Growlers, Justice and more.

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