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BPM Supreme TV, Gear Reviews, Interviews, News, Technology, Videos | Jan 24, 2017

John Beez and Innofader Team up to Release the Fretless Fader

Rome wasn’t built in a day – so the saying goes that describes something that’s definitely worth the wait…now cue in the Fretless Fader.

One of the most intriguing DJ gear releases we witnessed at NAMM Show 2017 was the Fretless Fader, hands down. The news of the release comes with much anticipation from loyal turntablists who have followed the early version of the Fretless Fader since its debut back in 2009. See the OG routine of the Fretless Fader that got many turntablists pining for one of their own.

Back in its early prototype days the Fretless Fader had some limitations. But now John Beez and Innofader partnered up to finally release the new & improved Fretless Fader.

In our interview from NAMM Show 2017, John Beez describes the functionality of the Fretless Fader. 

From John Beez:

[The Fretless Fader] was invented to keep one hand on the turntable and one on the fader while adjusting the pitch of the record within a musical scale. The up and down motion enables the crossfader to slide up and down (the motion is outputting midi notes). You can use the midi notes to connect to a specialized turntable with midi-input, or if you don’t have one you can connect it to Serato or Traktor and control the key there. You can actually connect to any other midi device, or if you want to use a synth that should work too.

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What does it do?

You can take one note on a record, and through manipulating the cross-fader and the record you can now play a full melody while scratching. It unlocks melodic performance for turntablists in a way that was never accessible before. Previously, you had to navigate between notes on a record or you had to hit cue points. Even though they work, [the Fretless Fader] can be played more like a traditional instrument.

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