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Gear Reviews, News, Technology, Videos | Mar 13, 2017   

Just Released: Numark NS6II 4-Channel Serato-DJ Controller

Numark just revealed their newest release, the NS6II 4-Channel Serato DJ Controller. The host of features and updates are sure to get the original NS6 fans fired up. Below are some questions and answers you’re probably wanting to know right now.

How much is it? The NS6II is going to be retailed at $799 USD.

When’s the release date? The release date is set to be Summer 2017.

So what’s new?

Here are a couple features that stood out to us.

Dual USB Outputs

If you’re in a DJ duo you’re going to love this. For a first for Numark, the NS6II comes equipped with the capability to connect two laptops simultaneously. You and your DJ partner can easily switch back and forth and play at the same time between four channels.


Built-In Hi Res Display

The hi-res display is now a standard feature for many new gear releases coming out lately, but Numark’s display looks incredibly intuitive and built for functionality. You can easily monitor BPM, platter position, time remaining, pitch adjustment and keylock.


Read about the rest of the key features on the NS6II’s product page.

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