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News, Technology, Videos | May 11, 2018   

Kick Start Your Creativity (For Free) With LANDR Samples

Whether you’re working on original music in the studio or making beats at home using a MIDI controller, creative blocks are considerably common. A great way to spark inspiration is to experiment with new sounds using sample packs. An even better way is to experiment using FREE sample packs.

From the music mastering company, LANDR comes newly launched, Samples. The service offers high-quality, free sample packs with loops, one shots, and hits. You can choose from different instruments, BPMs, keys, genres, and vibes. Genres include pop, rock, hip-hop/trap, ambient, experimental, and electronic.

There are also curated and exclusive sounds from featured artists (royalty- and license-free) to help push your creativity in new directions.

All of the samples and sounds can be previewed before you download, and you can even sign up for a newsletter to have packs sent directly to your inbox. We’re waiting for the downside here – but can’t seem to find one.

Check out more on the LANDR website and let us know if you feel inspired. There are lots of other great sampling tools out there such as ADSRSplice, and Do you use any currently, and if so which is your favorite? We want to hear from you!


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