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Kypski Drops Headcrack Live Scratch Routine

News, Scratch Routines, Videos | Dec 12, 2016

Kypski Drops Headcrack Live Scratch Routine

Kypski from the Netherlands raised the funds to produce the Kypski Live video series on Kickstarter in partnership with production studio Dubbelglas.TV.

DJ Kypski is a six time Dutch DJ champion and somewhat of a scratching virtuoso. He started scratching records in 1996 during a trip to the US, and cites DJ Ace as a major influence. He has released seven albums as part of C-Mon & Kypski, and two scratch-tools. He produces remixes for the likes of Nobody Beats the Drum, Lotus and Daedelus.

The idea for his live video series comes from a DJ Enferno scratch routine that left a lasting impression on Kypski. It was produced by Dubbelglas (“double glazing”) dot TV, a video and audio company run by Bas Vermolen. It started out as the KypskiLeaks series, which was footage from practice sessions shot with an iPhone. Most of the money they raised went to production costs such as equipment rentals and contract staff.


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