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DJ Experience, News, Videos | Sep 28, 2018   

Learn From The Champs & Become A Super Hero DJ

“DJ culture is in a time of unrest…Now is the time for SUPER HERO DJs.”

What do you get when you put 12 renowned DJ champions and influencers together in the same space? The answer is SUPER HERO DJs – a new global brand and online platform created to preserve DJ culture and empower future ambassadors of the art form. Oh, and some badass superhero comic-style imagery.

Among others, two of the creative minds behind this independent project include DJ Angelo from the UK and Pro Zeiko from Germany. They’ve recruited DMC and Red Bull 3Style World Champions as instructors, including DJ Damianito from Italy, DJ Byte from Chile, and Fong Fong from France. The list of DJs involved is already impressive, and the platform plans to add even more accomplished instructors in the future.

“Many of the team have lived and breathed DJ culture for a huge part of their lives, and still do. While the scene will always evolve, we want to play our part in upholding values and standards in a positive way. That’s exactly what this platform represents and what we feel the scene needs,” said DJ Angelo.

BPM Supreme had a closer look at the new Super Hero DJs website and what we found is that it’s much more than an online DJ school. It’s a movement by authentic, passionate DJs who are dedicated to the craft. 

While many online DJ schools start with the fundamentals, Super Hero DJs focuses more on developing intermediate and experienced skill levels, which is often a neglected community. You’ll learn from some of the best DJs on the planet as they share techniques and personal tips for creating and performing world-class routines. The best part is that you can then download the exact same tracks used by the instructors to practice and master the routine in your own time.

“It’s a great platform for DJs to improve their creative thought process and help develop advanced skills and performance techniques,” said BPM Supreme’s Daniel Gee.

To access the online platform, there are 2 membership options. Prices are reasonable, at $25 per month for a 3-month membership, or $19 per month for a 1-year membership. Here is a breakdown of what you’ll find inside the Super Hero DJ platform:

Tutorial Videos

When first logging in, users will be presented with a library of videos at their fingertips, full of world-class routines by the instructors. After each instructor has demonstrated the routine, they break down the performance step by step, explaining the cue points, effects, and specific techniques used. Fresh routine videos of varying styles will be added to the platform each month.

Download Tools

You are also given “download tools” for each video, which are personally edited tracks loaded with cue points – produced by the Super Hero DJs themselves to enable you to learn and master the routine at home.

Learn In Your Own Language

To match the roster of international DJs and to further support the number of ambitious DJs around the world, Super Hero DJs videos are available in nine different subtitle choices!

Private Lessons

Members will also have a chance to apply for private DJ lessons with their favorite instructor via video chat.

“I absolutely love this website! It’s the best way to get inside the mind of a showcase DJ and understand a routine in a way that doesn’t feel over your head,” said BPM Supreme’s Raj Thomas.

To learn more about becoming a member of Super Hero DJs, visit the official website here or follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Let us know what you think of this new platform and if you’re going to become a member. We want to hear from you!

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