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News, Technology, Videos | Jun 27, 2018   

Learn the Basics with Pioneer DJ’s New DDJ-400 Controller

Learning to DJ has never been easier than with the DDJ-400. This brand new 2-channel DJ controller from Pioneer DJ is packed with features to help beginner DJs develop their skills. It comes with a rekordbox license key included and is compatible with the new tutorial feature in rekordbox dj that explains basic equipment operation step-by-step.

The DDJ-400 has a layout that mimics Pioneer’s NXS2 DJ set up, complete with dedicated cue buttons, Beat FX, and CDJ-style looping controls. The controller was designed to allow new DJs to naturally move from practicing at home to performing live in a club or big venue setting.

Key Features:

  • Beat FX that match the tempo of the track and help craft unique sets
  • Inbuilt tutorials to teach beginner DJs how to use the gear and master DJ techniques
  • Track suggestion that helps find the perfect track to mix in next
  • Easy set up and lightweight, portable design (less than 5lbs)
  • Record, upload, and share mixes with friends quickly and easily
  • rekordbox DJ license key bundled with purchase 
  • Plug and Play with a built-in soundcard and provided USB cable
  • PC Master Out to hear mixes through a computer’s internal speakers or connected desktop speakers

Besides using the DDJ-400 to learn the basics, professional DJs should consider using this controller as a backup piece of gear. Because it’s super-portable, the DDJ-400 might be a perfect option to keep handy in case of any gear malfunctions or DJ booth disasters.

The Pioneer DDJ-400 will be available from late June for around $260 USD. Check out the official introduction video above and let us know what you think the DDJ-400. Is this a controller you’d be interested in owning? Do you think it’s a good tool for beginner DJs? We want to hear from you – leave a comment below!

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