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Lights Out: 3 Big Streaming Services Unplug Their Business

News | Nov 17, 2015   

Lights Out: 3 Big Streaming Services Unplug Their Business

News of the 3 streaming services suddenly going under is taking many by surprise…or not.

The 3 streaming services that are closing up shop include Apple’s Beats Music, Microsoft’s Zune, and Rdio. 

Apple’s Beats Music was a subscription-based online music streaming service. Apple acquired Beats Music in May 2014. The short life of Beats Music under Apple may have not come as a surprise, as there were many tech news outlets speculating on the longevity of the merger. The eventual and permanent closedown of Beats Music will be November 30th, 2015.

Microsoft’s Zune MP3 player laid its foundation in early 2006 and was hailed as one of Apple iPod’s biggest competitor’s at the time. The device was discontinued, but the Zune Music Pass persisted up until this past Monday. RIP. The current subscribers to Zune Music pass will be transferred to Microsoft’s newest music service called Groove Music.

Know Rdio? Well, it’s too late now. Rdio was actually praised for its attractive design and friendly User Experience, but now it is sadly being absorbed by streaming giant Pandora.

The domino effect is real. As we analyze the trends, we’d like to hear form you! What are your thoughts of the shutdowns and how does this affect the future of digital music streaming? Share below


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